Cogitatio is a suite of plugins for Unreal Engine that operate independently of each other, but are capable of empowering each other and exposing new features when present.


wild beast, animal

Fera is an ambient and active wildlife simulation plugin. Inspired heavily by the ALife system in the classic S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, the vision for Fera is to have wildlife that interacts with the environment and other parts of nature, as well as the player. Animals that hunt or flee from danger are nothing new, but those interactions have also been binary for the most part. A wolf in an MMORPG is generally idling, until the player comes near, at which point it attacks, until the player hurts it enough, in which case it flees. Idle, hunt/attack, fleeā€¦ Fera means to enable more complex wildlife, offering more levels of interesting behaviors that feel more alive.